The Importance of Materiality

The Importance of Materiality | Mineral Fox

A few weeks ago, I was on site with a well-respected and admired entrepreneur and designer. She’d engaged us to develop finishes for their upcoming project. I like to understand our clients, so I asked her why she sought us out. Her response is one worth sharing, and her insight may help you to take […]

Microcement – 5 Things You Need to Know

Microcement Mercadier Decoration Fakander Reece

The marketplace is changing. The term ‘microcement’ is becoming more mainstream. Images of seamless bathrooms are popping up all over social media. But not all microcements are created equal. At Mineral Fox, we’re increasingly aware of people having negative experiences with different brands of ‘microcement’ as more products of varying quality come onto the market. […]

“But they told me it was Mineral Fox microcement?”

"But they told me it was Mineral Fox microcement?" | Mineral Fox

“but they told me it was mineral fox?” These were the words of a distraught client who contacted me this month after having what she thought was our Mercadier Decoration ‘microcement’ installed in her home. She said she was unhappy with the result and asked me how she could go about fixing it, given the […]

The Design Show Sydney 2022

Mineral Fox Design Show Sydney 2022 Stand

OUR STAND AT DESIGN SHOW SYDNEY 2022 Back in October we shared our range of decorative finishes to the architecture and design community at The Design Show Sydney. This was our first time showing our products to a wider audience and the response was overwhelming…in the best way possible! According to the organisers, Mineral Fox […]

5 Questions You Should Ask Applicators

5 Questions You Should Ask Applicators | Mineral Fox

Plaster, render, microcement, natural, acrylic….the world of wall finishes can be confusing. I remember that feeling well. One of the reasons I started Mineral Fox was to improve information transparency and to advocate for what clients want, especially when engaging applicators.  Here are some questions that you should be asking – to yourself and to applicators […]

Mediterranean Lime Render – Is It Right For You?

Mineral Fox Mediterranean Lime Render

MEDITERANEAN LIME RENDER @beachroadinteriors Our Mediterranean Lime Render is a natural exterior render with unique characteristics. It differs greatly from modern acrylic renders and despite its undeniable beauty, it may not be the best choice for every project. Due to the absence of acrylic content (which acts like a glue), our Mediterranean Lime Render relies […]

Top Tips – Using Microcement in Your Renovation

Top Tips - Using Microcement in Your Renovation | Mineral Fox

@bearbuildco Microcement has been a popular material for renovating in Europe for many years. It’s popular because it can be applied over most surfaces, is very strong and can be successfully applied by novices (with some caveats, which I’ll touch on below). Because it’s applied in thin ‘micro’ layers, it means that door heights don’t […]

Plaster, Render or Microcement?

Plaster, Render or Microcement? | Mineral Fox

Plaster, render or microcement? Aesthete Sunshine Coast | Photographer Kelli Jean Black We’re often asked which of our products are suitable for different spaces. For example, is our Ibiza plaster suitable for countertops?  Or, what product is best suited for fireplaces? Each of our products are suited to different areas and have different characteristics. Here’s […]

Clayworks Featured in Vogue Living Australia

Clayworks Featured in Vogue Living Australia | Mineral Fox

CLayworks Featured in vogue LIVING AUSTRALIA This month’s edition of Vogue Living Australia features Clayworks clay plaster throughout the new studio and home of House of Grey London’s Louisa Grey. Serving as interior designer Louisa Grey’s home and studio, ‘House of Holism’ is created from natural and sustainable materials that promote a feeling of wellbeing […]

Tadelakt vs Microcement 5 Things You Need To Know

Tadelakt vs Microcement

Tadelakt vs Microcement We’re sometimes asked about Tadelakt and how it’s different to microcement. To begin with, it’s important to note that microcement is a blanket category of which there are many different variations with different ingredients, application methods and aesthetics (see our post here for more). The same is true of tadelakt. Traditional tadelakt is […]